Protective Services Consulting

Protective Services Consulting combines the services normally offered by S.C.C.S. with the knowledge, expertize and specific skill sets of our professional associates.

I specialize in use of force issues and the related academics as well as general security/enforcement matters.

I work with clients in areas relating to passive and active arrests and other aspects of subject or animal control. This website is designed to provide a great deal of both general and specific information of use to various agencies.

Many of our clients have stated that they can significantly reduce the length of course/training they require by simply sending their employees to our website to 'pre-study'. We hope that our site will also provide a readily available information resource to those who have need of it.

To provide assistance and consulting services in other specific skills areas I rely on my professional associates to address our clients needs.

Loss prevention is an area with which I am familiar but in which I defer to my associates for specific expertize.

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention is an area requiring a very specific knowledge and skills set. Still, for the most part, those persons involved in this area are too often hired at a low wage and left to learn as they go.

This is a practice that, ironically, can turn loss prevention into a huge liability just waiting to happen. This practice occurs with both "licensed agencies" and "in-house" L.P. agents.

S.C.C.S., through our Protective Services Consulting association can now offer workshops and a variety of courses aimed at both 'external' and 'internal' loss prevention specialists.

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