Instructor Credentials
Philip P. Bradley

Involved in the martial arts since childhood, I have been an instructor in Eastern style martial arts since 1976 and have attained instructor and advanced instructor credentials in thirteen styles. Currently holding 5th degree black belt rankings in a number of styles of Ju Jutsu. I have also been an instructor in traditional Celtic Combative Systems since 1972.

Together with my wife Charlene, we are owners and Chief Instructors of a use of force, defensive tactics, training and consulting company, originally operated out of Walton, Ontario.We are now based out of Boat Harbour Newfoundland. We develop security and law enforcement training courses for our own corporate clients and for Community Colleges.

We also created and run Shinaido Ju Jutsu clubs and have done so since 1998. Through these clubs we teach Ju Jutsu (unarmed defensive tactics) and Bu Jutsu (weapons including a variety of sticks/batons and knives).

Subject Control and Combative Systems is the format though which we offer both our professional use of force training and our martial arts training. This includes traditional Celtic Combative Systems training, myself (Philip) being the only living inheritor of this complete system.

We have developed, co-developed and delivered courses for end users and instructors for Subject Control Tactics, Mechanical Restraints Applications, Animal Control Officer Training - including Bite Stick certification, Edged and Hard Impact Weapon Defences, Impact Tool Applications, Violent Patient Management, Prisoner Transportation, Weapon Retention and Weapon Disarms, L.L.A. Evictions, Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention, etc.

We've taught and continue to teach these courses to various security and law enforcement agencies as well as corporations and private interest groups.

We offer instruction in a variety of formats including workshops, seminars and courses of varying lengths.

We routinely customize courses and develop new courses to meet our clients needs.

We also work with associates and licensed agencies to develop and/or deliver specialized courses or in-house training for security, loss prevention, events security, entertainment/bar or nightclub staff, etc.

We also offer instructor training to help in house trainers develop their own instructor credentials.

To discuss how we may help you with program development or training delivery please use our Contact Us page and we will follow up promptly.

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