Subject Control and Combative Systems

Subject Control and Combative Systems provides the complete package of academics, judgement training and physical skills training for legal and effective use of force applications.

It is our intention to have this web site become a materials resource that augments our training around use of force issues specifically and protective services needs in general.

Our material is copyrighted but may be reproduced for personal, non-commercial use.

We will be loading our academic materials onto this site, where they will be available to those who have need of them. Eventually we will make all these materials available as download-able E-books.

For corporate reproduction of our materials, please contact us for permission, terms and conditions. We're pretty easy to get along with.

For the most part we simply ask that you give credit where it is due by directing your course participants to go to our website and download the pertinent information for themselves.

We are also looking at building a "Testimonial Page" so a written correspondence that we can post there will always be appreciated.

For some of our clients and associates, we have provided a disc of our materials which we continue to update and/or add to as we progress.

We are not lawyers. If you need a legal opinion you should consult a lawyer. This website is for persons in the field of use of force, subject control and combatives by persons in that field.

The opinions expressed on this website are purely the opinions of it's author and where possible and appropriate will be backed up with links to the Acts involved and/or the case laws leading to the statements made.

This website is intended to supplement or augment the training that we offer and at no time should be taken as legal advice or direction. We are training specialists sharing our experiences and knowledge in the hopes that these things will be helpful to others as they progress down the same path we've already traveled.

As use of force specialists and instructors, our training capabilities cover the spectrum from issues of dealing with workplace violence to training those who are expected to employ professional use of force applications at any level. We've "been there and done that" and we're still doing it.

- I have been a combat systems trainer since 1972.

- A martial arts instructor since 1976.

- I've taught Defensive Tactics since 1986. (For a full C.V./bio please see our About Us page.)

I've been around long enough to be confident that S.C.C.S. can and will fulfill YOUR training needs.

I have personally trained literally thousands of professionals in use of force, Subject Control and Combative Systems applications including:

- Law Enforcement Personnel
- Corrections Officers
- By-Law Enforcement Officers
- Transportation Enforcement Officers
- Ministry Of The Environment Enforcement Officers
- Animal Control Officers
- Military Personnel
- Hospital Staff
(Emergency Room and Violent Patient Management Teams)
- Emergency Medical Services Personnel
- Corporate and Private Security Personnel
- Entertainment Security
(Doormen, Bouncers and Crowd Management Specialists)

Don't Want "Use Of Force"
But Need "Defensive Tactics"

I have trained those whose work placed them at risk of violent encounters but whom are not traditionally thought of as requiring "use of force" training.

Call it "Defensive Tactics", "Self Protection", "Disengagement Skills" or any other handle of the day, it is still about teaching people to preserve their own well-being.

These groups have included:

- Volunteers
(including Crisis Intervention Volunteers)
- Taxi Drivers
- Bus Drivers
- Teachers Associations
- College and University Campus 'Walk Safe' groups
- Arena and Recreation Center Staff
- 'Observe and Report' Style Security Officers
- Martial Arts Groups

Remember please; Subject Control and Combative Systems physical skills training can be critical to protect your own well-being or that of your staff.

Yet these skills still remain only one piece of the pie! Issues of legalities, liability, safety (yours, your staff, the public and the subject's) and overall risk management mitigation must also be addressed in training.

Judgement Training

The essence of judgement training can be summed up as follows:

Just because you can does not mean you would. Just because you would does not mean you should. Sometimes, even though you'd absolutely rather not, the law says you will.

Knowing which applies to you, in any given situation, is the court's expectation and everyone's legal responsibility.

You will have to decide, once an incident becomes physical, to disengage; to attempt a subject control; to defend yourself against a sustained attack or to fight for your very life in a combat situation.

Without proper training you are more likely to shut down or over react. Relevant training will give you more options to deal with the incident and to better report and articulate the details both at the time and (much later) at court.

I will be updating this site constantly, adding pages, a blog, a free E-zine, an FAQ section and links to relevant sources.

Do check back often for updates or subscribe to our blog, E-zine or E-mail list and let us notify you of our updates.

Meanwhile, to all who stand in harm's way...

Stay safe.

Philip (Plib) Bradley

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