Frequently Asked Questions

We felt it best to dedicate F.A.Q.'s, or Frequently Asked Questions to their own section of this website. Most of our current selection of recurring questions come from the civilian security services sector. We have attempted to catalog each type or area of inquiries into their own sub pages and list them accordingly.

If you don't find your question listed then, please, contact us and we'll be glad to answer it. If we can. If we cannot answer your question we'll be very glad to direct you to someone who can. Just do please remember that we are not lawyers and won't try to be.

We are simply passing along both those frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.'s) and their answers, that come up continually in training or from people already in the field who have had to deal with these types of situations.

Our F.A.Q.'s sub pages (so far) are:

Access Control
Alarms; Responses, Emergencies and Safety
Bombs, Bomb Threats
Charter Of Rights and Freedoms
Detention, Arrest
Fire, Patrols, and Emergencies
Ontario Liquor License Act
Note Taking and Evidence Collection
Offense Recognition
Ontario Trespass to Property Act
Use of Force Model

The difficulty we are trying to address here is that, the answers to these F.A.Q.'s are not just "nice to know materials".It is absolute "must know information". The public and the courts expect that anyone,employed in the security field, "knows or ought reasonably to know" this information.

Thus, if you are in error and a lawsuit ensues, or criminal charges are laid; claiming that "I didn't know" will not help your case and may very well put the final nails in you proverbial coffin by making the opposition's case for them.

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