Celtic Combatives Today

Celtic combatives are as viable today as they ever were. I believe it is possible, and therefore I intend, to put our families Celtic Combative Systems into the hands of law-enforcement agencies and law-abiding citizens. To have them become part of mainstream martial arts and retained for the protection of individuals and as a dependable tool kit for those professionals whose work places them in harm's way.

If that statement makes me sound like something of a crusader then, I suppose, I always have been. I also intend to have these systems survive well beyond my own lifetime and in trusted hands. This is what I have elected to do with the systems I have inherited. I do not make any pretentious claims of myself or our systems defeating all comers. But I am still here and that, in itself, says much for both the systems and me.

I care nothing for the “mines better than yours” attitudes nor for the egos that go with them. These, humbly and simply, are our systems. This is what we do. I ask only that you take from them that which has value to you and your circumstances. May it protect and keep you and yours as it always has done for me and mine.

Shinaido Ju Jutsu emphasizes self protection and subject control. Celtic Combative Systems is all about survival. When you have every confidence that you will survive, then self protection is not an issue and subject control becomes an act of kindness. Eastern martial arts teach in acsending steps up to the more lethal techniques. Our systems start with the necessary nasties first. As your skills develop then you begin to focus on areas pertaining to subject control.

Survival skills are gross motor based. Simple, fast and effective. Subject control requires more fine motor skills and a mindset that gives a greater degree of consideration to the subject's well being. If you aren't absolutely sure that you can win the fight, then attempting subject control is folly. I do not believe that nature intended to facilitate such foolishness. Thus the tendency for many people to shut down or over-react in an altercation.

Only when you learn to let the aggressor out and learn to turn it off or turn it on, instantly, can you develop true self control. Anything else is just a mind game and survival is no game. It's true; "it's not nice to fool Mother Nature". Rather than working against your natural hard wiring, you should learn to work with it.

I never try to 'think' of what I'm going to do to someone. I've been trained to recognize and seize 'windows of opportunity'. I know what I'm doing but there is no 'thought'. A combination of instinct, training and an almost intuitive knowing are many times faster than thought. When you think you then have to send the message to your body to put the thought into action. That lag time will get you hurt or killed.

You need to train yourself to stop with the internal monologue. Let your mind work without the "noise" of thinking. Then there is no lag time. Your knowing, instincts, and actions are simultaneous.

Until you can achieve this, you will need to focus on only a small number of easily learned and easily effected techniques that you can build into triggered auto neural responses. Even with a small number of choices you will find you 'select' only two or three 'favourites' that just become yours. This is natural and a very good thing.

Paddy's Dirty Dozen

It's a baker's dozen actually. Thirteen basics for combat survival in hand to hand combat. There's nothing fancy or 'secret' here. Just simple, brutally effective combatives. We will produce a DVD for these and the rest of our systems. For now I'll just give you the list (if you're disappointed then you may want to read this page again to grasp the whole point of these battle proven tactics):

Palm Heel Striking - that looks nothing like they teach in martial arts
"Slaps" - a variety of open hand slaps, each of which is designed to knock your attacker out cold
Web Hand - quick and brutal
Elbows - the wide array of elbow strikes and their punishing effectiveness make these strikes a 'must know' training component
Head Controls - control the head to control the man
Knees - the true effectiveness of knee strikes can only be appreciated after you've 'felt' a few
Head Butts - what can I say, they're a personal favourite
Cross Kicking - can destroy stances, ankles or knees
Swing Kicks(shin kicks) - for stance and joint destructions when he's standing and real finishers if he's bent over or down
Stomps - foot stomps and knees stomps, both are literally crushingly effective
Neck Restraints - of the 64 on my list only three were taught at this level - their effect had to be immediate
Neck Breaks - six proven, one handed killing techniques (in this country we will restrict teaching these to only law enforcement or military personell and system instructors)

When it comes to modern combatives the dirty dozen are not unique. I suggest that it is their effectiveness that makes them almost universal. Nevertheless, these basics were taught to all our people as a pre-requisite to their learning any of the rest of our Celtic Combatives from any of our hand, stick or knife systems.

Learn these well and you won't need to worry about losing too many fights. Master them and subject control need never concern you. You will know that you can always escalate in an instant.

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