Scianóireacht Celtic Blade Combative Systems

Scianóireacht, Celtic Blade Combative Systems is our Celtic knife art and uses a variety of edged or pointed implements to quickly dispatch an enemy. For the purposes of safety and liability, Scianóireacht will be taught only to those who have achieved instructor ranking in Irish stick combatives or empty hands combatives, other ‘black belts’ or qualified law enforcement or military personnel. Thus the exact curriculum and time involved in studying the knife arts will be dependent on both the student’s background and the level of proficiency sought.

Blade combative academics to be grasped and knife skills to be achieved include:

- The physiological and psychological considerations in employing combative Knife tactics
- Debunking the myths of blade-work and “knife-fighting”
- Cover and contact tactics
- The purposes, possibilities, and attributes of various knives and other edged tools
- Selection care and maintenance of your blade work tools
- Various “carries” for a variety of blade work tools and application considerations
- Tactical Judgment – when and when not to attempt to employ these tactics
- The angles of attack or defense with an edged weapon/tool
- Stance, balance and movement
- Grips, blocks, and strikes
- Grip changes
- Hand changes
- “Free” hand empty
- “Free” hand with a stick or shield
- Double knives
- The primary and secondary targets on the body
- Identifying and accessing “slash” targets on the body
- Identifying and accessing “stabbing” targets on the body
- Blade deployment – “open” and “concealed” draws and applications
- In Celtic Blade Combatives blocking is striking
- Blade work equivalent to the Bhata “Rush” or unarmed straight blast
- Combative knife entries
- Knife work mid-point and maintaining forward pressure
- Knife work “Flow” – maintaining contact once initiated
- Knife work short and long flows: high, low and combination flow drills for accessing and controlling the upper body, lower body and overextended limbs
- Knife work exits
- Specific Celtic Blade Combative Systems applications and tactics

Celtic Blade Combative Systems does not stop at just knife work but continues on to include almost any sharp or edged implement or surface. Traditional training included, at a minimum:

Tuadóireacht - Axe fighting, both single and two handed. Axes are often handy in boat yards or in the fields.

Hammers - Both single and double handed.

Also spades, garden forks, pitchforks and any other edged, available tool.

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