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Introducing Shinaido and
Subject Control and Combative Systems

Subject Control and Combative Systems is the training system developed by me for our consulting company which delivers training across the full Use of Force Continuum for professionals and civilians alike.

I, Philip (Plib) Bradley, developed both when I saw the need for a training company and a training system that would provide effective use of force applications for professionals or civilians.

I came to Canada from Londonderry (Derry) Northern Ireland at the height of what Ireland called "the troubles" in December of 1972. At that time Derry was seeing a bomb a day and three riots every two weeks. Sixteen years old at the time, I had already spent most of my life in harm's way and was a trained Master Instructor in Celtic Combative Systems with a wealth of applied experience on the streets of Derry city and elsewhere.

I was trained in a traditional family combat system that included hand to hand, stick, and knife combatives. I was also adept with small arms and explosives, primarily homemade and specializing in anti-handling devices. I have since taught bomb courses in Canada which were well received by law enforcement, emergency services, and municipal authorities alike.

I was also introduced to Judo while in Ireland by a neighbour and friend. Since coming to Canada, I have studied a number of systems, gaining advanced black belt standing in a variety of arts. Today I limit myself to teaching professional use of force, defensive tactics, Ju Jutsu, and Celtic Combatives.

Following a career in Correctional Services I was painfully aware of the limitations and failures of both martial arts and departmental training methods for those professionals whose work placed them in harm's way. I was determined to provide people with the tools they needed to do the job legally, effectively, and with the greatest likelihood of safety for all parties.

So, together with my wife, Charlene, we formed a training and consulting company.

In our Ju Jutsu the name "Shinaido" came from one of my 8th Degree Black Belt instructors in Ju Jutsu who's pet name for me was "Shinai". Like most Japanese words, this one has a multitude of meanings.

The explanation he offered me was that I exemplified belief and love both for people and for the arts I practiced. Also, a "shinai" is a bamboo cane, one of the uses of which was to assist with discipline within the dojo setting and he often used me as his "enforcer"/disciplinarian.

He encouraged me to give a different name to the Ju Jutsu I did as it differed over time from what he originally taught me. Owing to my exposure to so many other arts and to my tendency to make what I did "street relevant".

We have called our Ju Jutsu, Shinaido...or the "way of belief and love", as a way of remembering him and honouring our time together.

Different Training for Different Purposes

The training system we developed and now call Subject Control and Combative Systems was done in an effort to address the realities that different people in different circumstances do indeed require different training.

Thus, self defense basically is for anybody to protect themselves in an assaultive incident. Defensive Tactics and Subject Control are primarily intended for professional use of force applications where subject control or containment are the issues and where normally a variety of tools of the trade can be employed that may or may not be available in a purely self defense situation.

Combatives are designed for high end use of force applications where professional or otherwise, the practitioner is concerned, even fears, for their life or well being. Thus the levels of force and the mind set for each training modality is very different.

Understanding this basic reality is the first requirement in establishing which type of training you require in your circumstances.

Now, what qualifies me as a trainer, let alone a system originator? Well, the answer to that is lengthy enough to require it's own page and probably best answered by viewing my complete Curriculum Vita and Biography Meanwhile, our Subject Control and Combative Systems provides legal and effective training that ranges from disengagement tactics through the Use of Force Continuum to include Subject Control techniques, handcuffing/restraint applications, impact tool applications, police style Ju Jutsu training, and training in the traditional Celtic Combatives for hand, stick, and knife systems.

As we develop pages on each of these areas within this website, we will mark them as contextual links and you can pursue your specific area of interest without having to wade through materials that may or may not interest you.

Of course you're always welcome, even encouraged to browse. :)

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